Forex 1000 Pips Robot By Rita Lasker!


Forex Pips is yet another new Rita Lasker forex product to hit the market. This one is $99 and is being sold on Regnow with a 30 day money back guarantee.

TP and SL still are hardcoded. Our team still continues to work diligently, so that our Robot can work with even greater number of pairs. Make yourself at home and write a comment, or ask a question for the community to discuss. For a novice it usually takes about a week to fully try it on a demo-account. You may check active trades or closed trades in Account History at any time.

Product Description

Forex Pips is the new forex robot launched by Rita Lasker and her Green Forex Group. According to Rita Lasker, her new Forex Pips Robot is guaranteed to make pips per month on average. Making pips per month consistently month after month is the dream of most professional traders.

However, most importantly is HOW it does it. Forexpips locates a precise moment for opening an order. Closing of the orders is accomplished according to Fibonacci Retracement.

The Fibonacci theory has been used quite successfully by many experienced traders. Forexpips algorithm, Fibonacci Retracement has proved to be highly reliable, particularly assisting in closing orders.

So, who is this product for? Ideally, Forexpips is custom-made for traders, who prefer to trade from time to time. Forexpips is ideally suited f or professional traders, who like to experiment and who do it a whole lot.

For them Forexpips is indispensable, serving as a safety net. In case of bad results, following unsuccessful experimentation, Forexpips will permit them to recoup their deposit in a short time. Forex pips is equally suited for novices. And just how much can you make? Our Developer Program team was facing a specific goal: So, not to bore you with many words, here are some numbers for you to look at: Our team still continues to work diligently, so that our Robot can work with even greater number of pairs.

How Forexpips Robot works: After being installed in a chart, Forexpips analyzes current market situation: Two filtering indicators filter out all potentially false signals. And only after all these procedures are finished, the two orders are being open in one direction. Two orders are necessary to set different Take Profit levels. The Take Profit levels are set based on Fibonacci Retracement principle.

After closing of the first order on Take Profit, the second order is transferred to break even. Thus, even if the trend after having closed the first profitable order would reverse itself, the second order will close with no loss. Many beginner traders think of Forex as proverbial Eldorado. Here pips must be growing like mushrooms after the rain and money flow like a river -- non-stop. And that is exactly how they get caught by dishonest developers, carelessly promising pips per day.

Your initial patience and ability to think things through will pay off handsomely in the end. Notifications Visualizing Robot that works on a chart always has a disadvantage when you visualize the same thing done by indicators. As a general rule, indicators consist of colored lines, arrows, dots and stripes. Robot, per se, is merely a number of markings on a chart, referring to opening and closing orders and some lines in Account History reports — and that is all. Similar is the action of Fibonacci Retracement.

Once discovered by a genius scientist Fibonacci, Retracement Levels appear in many areas of our life, nature and technology. Up and running in 10, 9, Download and install MetaTrader 4 from any Forex broker. In just 10 minutes Forex Pips can start making money for you. Today or tomorrow you will already see your first profits. In just a week the profit will be noticeable. Take my word for it and download the Robot here: Do you still have doubts? Think of it this way: It is quite normal to have doubts.

Actually it is better to think and carefully learn all the details first. So please read more about the product Take your time, but please note that the discount offer is time limited.

The overwhelming majority of Robots are built around the following scheme: A large number of specialists participate in the process of developing serious products. The basic strategy a true commercial product is based around is an exceptional idea at its heart, followed by months of painstaking work to improve upon it. And only afterwards, when all that is accomplished, they secure the services of programmers to write an innate code of the Robot itself.

Our Forexpips is based on absolutely unique algorithms, developed by our team of traders in tight collaboration with a team of programmers with Garry Shoo , being a project leader and in charge of it all. Each and every formula at the root of the Forexpips has been tested thoroughly under the conditions of slowly and rapidly changing market.

Theoretically, Forexpips can work with practically any currency pair. Our main task for each currency pair is to modify the algorithm in such a way, that our Robot could operate successfully for a long time instead of short segments. All future updates will always be free of charge for all our Forexpips customers.

As the sheer number of currency pairs that our Forex pips Robot will successfully operate on, our new customers will see a corresponding price increases. So, now is the perfect time to get it. Believe us when we tell you, that by buying our product now, you get MUCH more than you could ever imagine Trickeries and deceptions some brokers stoop to No secret there are brokers out there, who play against other traders. However, the truth is that there are brokers who simply re-distribute monies amongst the traders.

There are fewer traders, who trade at a loss than those who make money. So, the main task of such brokers is to lure as many traders in as possible by sweet promises of lower spreads, bonuses, competitions, prizes and in the end allowing them to earn as little as possible, by imposing multiple limitations.

One more clue of a dishonest broker is the antagonism towards short-term deals. A really serious broker will allow you to export your honestly earned funds freely on the day of request. The moment you have doubts about it, immediately look for another broker. So, be vigilant and extra careful when choosing a broker.

Scrutinize it the same way as if you looked for a life-time partner or a spouse. The choice is yours. One more important thing We are talking about swap. If you ever tried to analyze Account History, you, most likely asked yourself what it was. It can be either a positive or a negative number. In other words, they can either subtract money from your deposit or add to it.

If you trade with a lot of 0. We can state it with certainty: In the future Forexpips updates we will definitely realize this function. Naturally, all Forexpips customers will get it for free. Comparing Indicators, Robots and Forexpips. This software is protected by authors patented algorithm which eliminates the code partially at the attempt to decompile.

Software cracking leads to its unprofitable performance. Henceforward all pirate copies function absolutely incorrectly. I appeal to those traders who want to save money at the purchase of our product: We found a way to protect our software so that it will give a hard time to pirates.

If you want to cut down your expenses, take advantage of our limited offer. Developers understand that the number of traders is constantly growing and all traders require instruments to assist them in their trading craft.

However, a lot of traders, novices in particular, are highly naïve and gullible. Why would one sell a hen that lays golden eggs? The answer is quite simple: Then you get disappointed and disillusioned. A serious developer is obligated to be very responsible. Only a serious developer, such as Green Forex Group, could honestly brag about longstanding work and a huge number of permanent, loyal customers in excess of , people.

We know exactly how to develop effective and super-powerful trading instruments. We create many products. Many of them are free, some we sell. This is a very interesting as well as spectacular business. Every day we stay in contact with our customers and receive thousands of letters. We love constructive criticism. It pushes us to work even harder, perpetually searching for more interesting possibilities, regularities and common factors that no one had discovered before us or take ulterior routes that nobody before us had taken.

Unquestionably, Forex is an active and volatile entity. Frequently, approaches that were working yesterday may not apply today. But once again, they may be applicable tomorrow and bring profits. And that is exactly why we put out our products quite often. This is our contact with our audiences, a very tight interaction that we love so much.

For one reason or another, without having a full understanding of the inner working of our products, they publicly voice their criticism. Success is something that we achieve on a daily basis. Our team is multitudinous. In over 7 years Rita Lasker has assembled a team of professionals and her company has grown from a couple of people occupying a small office to a large-scale corporate enterprise, working as a whole organism — in a team-like fashion, swiftly and effectively.

We derive our inspiration from constant communication with market professionals, market-making representatives and with our valued customers. Throughout the years, many of our customers have become our close friends. They are the ones we oftentimes ask to test our products. They are the ones who eagerly give us their rapid feedback.

That feedback, in turn, gives us plenty of so much needed opportunities to quickly respond by improving our products. Our main goal is to produce the best possible products that comply with the requests from our numerous customers. Our mission, as we see it, is providing traders with instruments for self-actualization, the incredibly powerful mechanisms that would allow our customers accomplish their hopes and dreams, by attaining their financial goals. Each and every day we start with a question: I wrote about that to support and got updated version 1.

TP and SL still are hardcoded. Rita answered to you, that there is no trailing stop. I have in the past bought her stuff and nothing ever works. Her web site are a fabrication and not valid authentic trades. I would never buy anything from her at all.

As for the fello who sent the email with no reply. If you think she is going to spend all day answering 11 questions you are crazy. As you can see she answered nothing. I believe that more info is better — before I buy anything. So I felt it was at least worth a try. And yes, her lack of response, makes me more suspicious.

But know that I have asked a similar list of detailed questions of other vendors, before i bought forex-related software — and have gotten useful, detailed answers. And when I did end up purchasing the product, I found that the answers were in fact true mostly. However, my purchase of an EA is not a typical action for me — I trade manually and have been doing so full time for almost 4 years. Although I wonder why she and so many others seem to remain in business, if all they do is mislead.

Is it possible that they have in fact produced something that is of value and performs as they promise? Here is her reply — polite and useful. But I now know that there is at least 1 key issue — no controllable stop loss, trail, etc.

I am sorry for the late reply, we have found the messages in the spam folder. We apologize for the inconvenience. Should the EA be turned off during new release spikes and periods of low volume? Or — does it read these itself and stop trading? Unfortunately, there is no such a robot that would predict news and stop trading if there is a strong impact.