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MB Trading is founded in early with headquartered in Segundo, CA. MB Trading (broker’s name Manhattan Beach Trading Financial Services, Inc. “MBTFS”) is a professional brokerage that provides to their customers to trade Forex, Stocks, Binary Options and future trading.

I'm running on optical cable and have no throughput issues on my end with my other brokers, so it's clearly a server "issue" on their part. My time with them is limited.

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MB Trading is a direct access brokerage firm that develops and markets sophisticated yet simple direct access trading technology to online investors, institutions, and qualified destinations. Using a proprietary order routing system, MBTX, the company allows investors to bypass the middleman and trade directly to the NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX markets, as well as offering direct access executions in the futures .

It is based in California, USA and is one of the few ECN Electronic Communications Network brokers out there that offer trading in Forex, stocks, commodities, and futures on multiple platforms for both web and desktop traders. It is regulated by the NFA in the U. All migrated MB Trading Desktop Pro account holders are eligible to familiarize themselves to the new platforms by opening a practice account with TradeKing.

A full explanation of the ramifications of the migration can be found in the FAQ section of the TraderKing website. Scalping is allowed in this account as is automated trading. The minimum position size is 0.

MB Trading serves all investor types and a wide choice of different platforms is available including its own proprietary platforms, mobile platforms and the MetaTrader4 platform. In fact, MB Trading is one of the few Forex brokers that provide a single platform under one account to handle multiple investment products, including in-depth charting, live market alerts, and access to a trading community.

The mobile app is packed with the same tools as the full version. Order entry is intuitive and easy and their streaming quotes and integrated charts are particularly helpful for getting the most up-to-date information right before sending an order on the move.

MB Trading also offers the NinjaTrader platform, a trading platform that provides trader with the tools to analyze the markets and trading ideas in a flexible, customizable and user-friendly manner using its Advanced Trade Management ATM system.

They froze your platform when you became profitable, SL hunting, cancelation of orders, etc. Until now my dispute has not been resolved. They keep blaming me for the phantom trades and insisting that they are not responsible for any failure from their side.

Later that day, some of these trades were canceled yet to receive any explanation as to why this had happened - Took nearly 3 weeks to credit my account with my initial funds. When I called the first time to ask about the delay, they claimed they did not have them odd since my bank claimed that they were sent I got rather angry and then they "apologetically" claimed that they had found my funds It's as if my email was Any one else having this happen?

Spreads are typically around 3. Don't forget to add a commission on top of that as well. A total scam shit hole to do business with. I reckon your money is safer with some crackhead on the street. Many times orders are not filled, and there are constant delays on the Navigator platform when placing orders. If they have a large enough liquidity pool with the major banks this should not happen during normal trading hours. Often the platform disconnects from their server during or before large moves as well.

I am a full time trader and watch the markets all day long, so I can see how many times their servers go down on a daily basis, especially during session fixes and run ups to news events. There are typically server failures per session daily, and while they are not for long periods, they tend to be at strategic times.

I found a couple of bugs in their software which I reported to them, and it took months for them to eventually fix. Navigator is not new software.

A serious financial tool shouldn't have such sloppy coding or functionality errors. The bottom line is they put up a good facade of being a reputable company.

They won't outwardly rip you off, but will chip away at your profits through a lot of small discrepancies in the platform and access speed.

I'm running on optical cable and have no throughput issues on my end with my other brokers, so it's clearly a server "issue" on their part. While I didn't lose money with them, and they paid out my balance quickly on closing my account, it was clear how they claw back profits through these subtle tactics. On top of it they have one of the worst daily rollover rates industry wide, so when you combine this with everything else it adds up.

I noticed that my fills became worse as my profits increased, so it seemed almost algorithmic how concise this worked, as if it was programmed into the system. There are certainly worse bucket shops out there, but they are very clever in finding ways to cut into your profitability. Since they are counter party to your trades as they state in their user agreement this should come as no surprise.

For a hobbyist they would be an OK choice, but for a serious trader, they are definitely not an option. I think if they didn't try to present themselves as something they're not, I wouldn't give the a scam rating, but because they promote themselves as better than an average market maker, it's a deception. I am not sure how anyone can complain about MB Trading They definitely aren't perfect either.

To be fair and considering that all the reviews here are either five stars or scam , I think a lot of the troubles people have with MB are based on the type of trading they do or, in some cases, where they are located in the world. I think for more experienced traders, particularly those in the US, MB is a great choice. It's not the best broker out there for everyone and every style of trading as I said. The execution is, in my experience, pretty solid although I have had issues from time to time.

They are not taking my trade. I modified some other guys EA I found on the Internet. I've tried running EAs that I've written and they will not take my trade. What am I doing wrong? I've been with MBT 6 months. I've changed from Ninjatrader to Metatrader4. All I've done here is loose money.

I use their VPS server. On the scam ratings I'll make my decision to go with them. Like robert kiyosaki says, if you want to get rich you have to start thinking. A comment about DD's and bucket shops A comment about real market execution I have been pleased until recently. When it comes to the type of accounts traders can have on MB Trading, there is a unique nomenclature assigned to the accounts. This is a true non-dealing desk environment, and traders can use EAs created for the MT4 with this plan.

Minimum trade size is 0. Price quotes therefore feature a small markup from the pricing provided by liquidity providers. Account types can also be classified according to type of ownership, in which case you can have Individual, Corporate, Partnership, Trust, IRA and Sole Proprietorship accounts. This is the downloadable trading platform with an advanced charting application, more than indicators and a full back-testing system.

This is the mobile software for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The software are available from the respective app stores. It features the ability to use the cAlgo plug-in for algorithm development.