Merrill Lynch (MER)/Bank of America (BAC)


A stock option is a contract that gives one party the right to purchase or sell a stated number of shares of a stock at a specified price. The price at which the shares may be purchased or sold is known as the strike or exercise price.

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Merrill Lynch & Co. - S&P Market Index Target-Term Securities (MM) stock quote and MTTX charts. Latest stock price today and the US's most active stock market forums.

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Merrill Lynch Depositor, Inc. Edit Symbol List Symbol Lookup. As a leading private wealth manager, Merrill is extremely vulnerable to litigation. Disgruntled clients with both real and imagined complaints often file lawsuits against the company on the bases of poor performance or mismanagement.

This litigation can be extremely costly in terms of legal fees and settlements, not to mention the negative publicity that lawsuits entail. These lawsuits can not only result in legal defense expenses and fines in the millions of dollars but can also damage the firm's reputation. In other words, Merrill Lynch does not seek to be the number one underwriter but instead seeks the most profitable deals, regardless of size.

Merrill Lynch is the dominant player in the private wealth management business. It has the largest sales force and is known for providing best-in-industry training to its financial advisers. This is partly due to Merrill's effective client segmentation strategy, which emphasizes higher-net-worth clients. Under Merrill's policies, each FA is only allowed to serve a limited number of clients; it, therefore, makes sense for them to concentrate their energy on wealthier clients who generate more income.

Merrill lags behind its competitors, however, in terms of its annuitized assets to total assets ratio. The arrangement produces a more stable revenue stream since advisers are paid the same amount regardless of the number of transactions requested by their clients. From the makers of. Unable to complete your request. Please refresh your browser. See more recent news. With those figures in place, the algorithms behind MarketIntelligenceCenter. Bank of America Corp.

In response to requests from customers, the US equities are outperforming non-US risk assets to a degree that hasn't been seen since the financial crisis, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The key question investors need to answer is whether this is a buying opportunity, What You Should Know.

In an effort to provide clients with greater flexibility and choice, Bank of America BAC lifts the ban on commission-based trading in retirement accounts. Bank of America amends retirement accounts after regulations ease: Merrill Lynch does about face on fiduciary-era policy.

Bank of America Corp's wealth management arm Merrill Lynch is reintroducing brokerage capabilities to its retirement accounts, reversing a policy put in place to comply with Obama-era regulation. A new paper from the San Francisco branch of the Federal Reserve argues that the common interpretation of an inverted yield curve is distorted.

A yield-curve inversion happens when short-term Treasurys begin to yield more than longer-dated ones Suggest other news sources for this topic.

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