Forex Market or Foreign Exchange Market


joelle m.w. mcintosh, mba, project of foreign exchange market 1. 1 table of content introduction 5 history 7 summary 8 why the foreign exchange market is unique? 9 advantages & disadvantage of foreign exchange market 10 various participantsof foreign exchange market 11 characterisics of foreign exchange market 14 financial instruments of.

In case of transfer of electronic shares, you save 0. Receive your client account number client ID. Networked products create new business opportunities. It refers to a specific place where securities transaction among many and unspecified persons is carried out through intermediation of the securities firms, i. A company cannot buy back through negotiated deals on or off the Stock Exchange, through spot transactions or through any private arrangement.

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Foreign Exchange Markets A Foreign exchange market is a market in which currencies are bought and sold. It is to be distinguished from a financial market where currencies are borrowed and lent. General Features Foreign exchange market is described as an OTC (Over the counter) market.

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As a seller, in order to ensure smooth settlement you should deliver the shares to your broker immediately after getting the contract note for sale but in any case before the pay-in day.

Similarly, as a buyer, one should pay immediately on the receipt of the contract note for purchase but in any case before the pay-in day. Short selling is a legitimate trading strategy.

It is a sale of a security that the seller does not own, or any sale that is completed by the delivery of a security borrowed by the seller. The selling of a security that the seller does not own, or any sale that is completed by the delivery of a security borrowed by the seller, Short sellers assume that they will be able to buy the stock at a lower amount than the price at which they sold short.

Three factors primarily give rise to an auction: Separate market for auctions. As opposed to the normal market where trade matching is an on-going process, the trade matching process for auction starts after the auction period is over.

If the shares are not bought in the auction. If the shares are not bought at the auction i. The transaction is squared up at the highest price from the relevant trading period till the auction day or at 20 per cent above the last available Closing price whichever is higher. The pay-in and pay-out of funds for auction square up is held along with the pay-out for the relevant auction. SEBI has formulated uniform guidelines for good and bad delivery of documents.

Bad delivery may pertain to a transfer deed being torn, mutilated, overwritten, defaced, or if there are spelling mistakes in the name of the company or the transfer. Bad delivery exists only when shares are transferred physically.

The SEBI has been inspecting the stock exchanges once every year since During these inspections, a review of the market operations, organizational structure and administrative control of the exchange is made to ascertain whether: The stock exchanges were also advised to expedite the disposal of arbitration cases within four months from the date of filing.

It was observed during the inspections conducted in that there has been considerable improvement in most of the areas, especially in trading, settlement, collection of margins etc. The investors can dematerialize only those share certificates that are already registered in their name and belong to the list of securities admitted for dematerialization at the depositories. In India there are two such organizations viz.

The depository concept is similar to the Banking system with the exception that banks handle funds whereas a depository handles securities of the investors. An investor wishing to utilize the services offered by a depository has to open an account with the depository through Depository Participant. The market intermediary through whom the depository services can be availed by the investors is called a Depository Participant DP.

As per SEBI regulations, DP could be organizations involved in the business of providing financial services like banks, brokers, custodians and financial institutions. This system of using the existing distribution channel mainly constituting DPs helps the depository to reach a wide cross section of investors spread across a large geographical area at a minimum cost.

The admission of the DPs involves a detailed evaluation by the depository of their capability to meet with the strict service standards and a further evaluation and approval from SEBI. Realizing the potential, all the custodians in India and a number of banks, financial institutions and major brokers have already joined as DPs to provide services in a number of cities. Advantages of a depository services: Trading in demat segment completely eliminates the risk of bad deliveries.

In case of transfer of electronic shares, you save 0. Lower interest charges for loans taken against demat shares as compared to the interest for loan against physical shares. RBI has increased the limit of loans availed against dematerialized securities as collateral to Rs 20 lakh per borrower as against Rs 10 lakh per borrower in case of loans against physical securities.

Fill up the account opening form, which is available with the DP. Sign the DP-client agreement, which defines the rights and duties of the DP and the person wishing to open the account. Receive your client account number client ID. This client id along with your DP id gives you a unique identification in the depository system. This entry was posted on May 5, at 9: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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