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Or any chance to develop the Forex EA using these indicators? Dear Karl happy new year, thanks for your Christmas gift. It was an awesome combination of both. I had gain hundreds of pips with it. Plus, with the assistant of Profit Trade Scanner which is also another awesome indicator from you, had assisted me to avoid countless losing trades and help me to trade those high probability winning trades. It also shown me the trend direction in each pair, I could not manually analysis so many pairs at the same time, this is where Profit Trade Scanner comes in, it already analysis all for you.

Profit Trade Scanner also assisted me with my other trading indicators and strategies as well. It is very easy to use, just follow the instruction. Profit Trade Scanner is a must tool for anyone serious in trading. I highly recommended it! Thank you, Karl and team, for creating all these amazing indicators to help traders around the world.

I appreciate in what you and your team had done. Thank you Karl for awesome indicator. Many thanks for sending my Christmas gift-the Fibo Machine Pro so quickly. Being almost computer illiterate I dread ever having to download anything onto my laptop but your instructions are very clear and having taken my time everything downloaded and much to my amazement after restarting my MT4 platform the indicator was there on my screen looking beautiful.

My resident computer expert i. I had already made a conscious decision not to trade until the new year but once I do I will let you know how I get on. Many thanks for all your help and kindness Karl- best wishes for a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year to you your family and the rest of the team. Thank your for your email and for the additional tips. It took around 35 minutes for an alert and I duly placed the trade using the prices in the alert, being cautious despite only risking cents I opted for the Safe TP however after a while I admit I changed it to Aggressive TP, after around 1 12 hrs there was another alert to say the Safe TP had been reached, so I decided to leave things for a while then change the recommended Stop loss to the Safe TP, at least that way if the market changed I still had a profit to collect.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that even the Aggressive TP was reached a little later, I also tried it on different currency pairs and unbelievably everyone of them brought in winning trades. My faith in Indicators has definitely been restored so a big Thank You to Karl Dittmann for creating this first class indicator. If you need any help, you can contact me here: And I want to thank you for giving a gift on this yuletide season.

I would like to receive your powerful Fibonacci Indicator. Though I use it in binary options trading, it seriously gives me more winning trades. A trading system that truly works. More power and God bless. Thank you very much, please send your choice here: Thanks to Karl Dittmann. I just like it every day and obviously it will help me for many years to come. Thank you very much for letting me have access to your Christmas gift the fibo machine pro is working fine once again thank you very much.

Please try to contact me here: Just recently purchased Pips Wizard Pro, it has been amazing! Currently still testing different settings but I can already see great potential!

My reply mail was: You can gift your work: It is working now, please send your choice here: Is something wrong with your server? I have never reached that kind of profits before and that too all in one day. And best of all it was so easy and user friendly…I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart..

Netted pips today. Just installed them both and they are working very nicely. I love the Profit Trade Scanner. It keeps me discipline and eliminate subjectivity out of trading. PTS is pure gold! Thanks to you Karl and your team.

Du coup, le swing trading et le day trading sont à bannir. Il ne me reste plus que le scalping. Mais le scalping est très dur et je perds plus que je ne gagne. En cherchant sur le net, je suis tombé sur votre indicateur Hidden Scalping Code qui serait idéal pour moi. Du coup, pouvez-vous me faire parvenir un lien pour une vidéo en français?

Hey, I will write you an email. Hello I live in France. I have just downloaded Hidden Scalping Code. Have a good day. Bonjour Je vis en France. Je viens de télécharger Hidden Scalping Code. I am so happy for the hidden scalping code that is the best indicator that i have ever seen. I just installed it few hours ago and i made a lot of profit.

Thanks Karl for developing the Hidden Scalping Method indicator. It is amazing and the best indicator I ever had. It works well in New York session. It is a very simple and easy to use. Never scalping are be more easy! Hello, I work Monday through Friday in the usa, what system would be best for me?

Just had a baby this year…thanks. I will not be long but honest and happy for what trend visualizer brought to me. Today with the eur interest rate the I am clearly in profit with it. Thank so much Karl to have thought about me.

Thanks for the Fast FX Profit strategy. A very simple and profitable trading technique. I just used it in less than 2 weeks and the result is really amazing.

Adding Bollinger Bands in the chart would help to identify a more reliable setup. Happy trading and God bless everyone. Thanks a lot for all information you sent me all the advice you gave.

I really appreciate all of it and I hope to get more knowledge about it. Thank you so much for everything! I have already gained in excess of pips in a week, on one trade. I have downloaded the product and I will be honest, since I started trying to trade I have learnt a lot.

Only problem was, I entering too late or too early on most occasions. So pretty much I was missing one more ingredient, that is confidently picking the right reversal points only to see the market continue or reverse earlier than expected. I have spent thousands of Dollars on Systems, indicators etc, A few were worth the money. I have to be honest, I did learn a lot but was still missing a piece of the puzzle to where I can be successful. Also there were those that were just, well lets say pretty crap.

So instead of helping with trading I was wasting time and money learning system after system, strategy after strategy and getting nowhere. Fast FX Profit was the missing ingredient. I have gone back through my charts, back-tested, put a few practice trades and it works. This is probably the cheapest product I have purchased, but by far the most valuable.

Trend Detector on its own is spectacular. Just activated my 5 star trend profit indicator. Still on my testing stage. Used it on binary options placing 3 trades, all wins! Thanks Karl for answering all my non stop emails!

It shows you are sincere on helping others with your products. Only this time I find that really an accurate indicator … I am very grateful to you karl. I downloaded the 5 Star Trend Profit program yesterday and immediately entered two trades when indicated.

I have purchased two previous programs from you, and they worked for me, but this one is the best I have come across, and lets me let the trade run longer. I have been trading since and trading forex since I have tried dozens of systems, costing many thousands of dollars. Results have been varied. This program is exactly what I have been looking for, and yesterdays trades are testimony that it works.

I like the alarms to alert me of entries and changes of direction. In the past one of my biggest downfalls was in getting out of a trade too soon. These indicators give me the confidence to let a trade run. Ici encore, il faut un deuxième signal. L'Investisseur très Particulier dit: Ma stratégie de trading actuelle sur Forex expliquée avec des exemples — partie 2 - Les lignes de tendance L'Investisseur très Particulier dit: Ma stratégie de trading actuelle expliquée avec des exemples - partie 3 et conclusion - les divergences L'Investisseur très Particulier dit: Ajouter un commentaire Cliquez ici pour annuler la réponse.

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Cela exprimera tout de même votre opinion. En fait, sur toutes les valeurs négociées sur Terre. La réussite de la méthode décrite dans ce livre conforte les travaux du scientifique Benoît Mandelbrot qui démontra la persistance des variations boursières et leur concentration dans le temps, qu'il appela syndrôme de Joseph.

Avec la méthode du livre, un pécule de Et cela est valable pour toutes les actions. Performances des 7 dernières années sur les 3 derniers achats: Et sans tenir compte des dividendes de chaque année. Et ça continue sans cesse! Cela ne s'arrêtera jamais car les valeurs négociables par les hommes bougent toujours.

Que vous soyez chevronné ou débutant, le guide vous permettra d'augmenter vos chances de gagner de l'argent en bourse.

Vous pouvez ne lire que 2 pages de Bourse Trader, ça suffit pour tout comprendre. Les 2 stratégies exposées sont 2 simples règles de trois. Tout le monde saura comment placer son argent en bourse ou comment placer sa participation et quand acheter des Sicav.

Ce système de trading sur les devises et actions resta secret pendant longtemps Parce que je veux que vous soyez totalement satisfait, si vous ne souhaitez pas conserver le guide, demandez à être remboursé dans les 30 jours. Votre investissement vous sera intégralement et immédiatement retourné.

Vous ne prenez aucun risque. N'hésitez pas car La Bourse offre des opportunités incroyables à tout moment. Oui, que ça monte ou que ça baisse, on peut faire des affaires en Bourse avec la Méthode à la Règle de Trois.

Je n'ai aucun doute là-dessus puisque j'ai plus de 50 années de réalisations concrètes réussies. Pour le prix d'un bon restaurant, le cours de votre vie peut changer. Vous deviendrez tout simplement Plus Riche Financièrement et Intellectuellement.

Je ne suis pas expert en bourse, mais bousicoteur à mes heures. J'ai trouvé ce livre très riche. Je travaille moi aussi avec le nombre d'or et je ne pensais pas qu'il servirait aussi pour la bourse.

Félicitation pour votre livre. J'ai lu votre livre, et je suis impressionné.