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Today we officially welcome Tom Russell to the IP team! After starting out as a Gold student in March , he quickly mastered the art of consistent returns, and eventually migrated to day trading where his incredible gift is fully maximized.

Mkt, You are just being willfully stupid at this point and clearly making up alias to vote me down, as I can see when you post the votes are changed in a very short period. You claimed to have traded the RSI for 8 years and when I called you out to show proof of your claim you just post complete nonsense. Exposure to large and mid-sized companies in Japan. Bertrand Brial New Caledonia.

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Thanks for reading. Today we are going to talk about an excellent trading strategy based upon the RSI or Relative Strength Index. As much as I would love to take all of the credit for this trading strategy, the real credit goes to Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez.

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Tide turning for Irish Sea border. Volatility is no sideshow for Italian bond investors. Chancellor's blockchain idea is a desperate scrape of the Brexit barrel. As well as the average trade size has increased, as well as numerous metrics that confirm. I think such strategies will have good longevity, because they meet several criteria: Always trade with the wind at your back. Emmett, how are the fills of Robinhood vrs others like IB.

The ETF is above its day moving average. The 4-period RSI closes under Buy on the close. Exit when the 4-period RSI closes above List and description included below: The following are results of just the long-only trades: The ETF is below its day moving average.

The 4-period RSI closes above Sell Short on the close. Exit when the 4-period RSI closes below The following are results of just the short-only trades: Wrapping things up Thanks for making it this far! Instead, focus on doing what everyone else is not doing.

Stop buying expensive and useless indicators. Invest your time and energy into learning how to program and test trading strategies. Zone out the world. Let your intuition lead you. Validate everything with science. No, am not being paid And if you are interested in purchasing the book in which this review was written, you can find the link below: Photo and Image Files. Audio and Video Files. Notify of new replies to this comment - on. Notify of new replies to this comment - off. I have additional question.

In this strategy, we will enter into a long position as soon as the RSI is less than We will exit the long position as soon as the RSI is more than Will it be useful if we can continue to be in the long position until the RSI starts going downwards. The reason I say this is because if it is above 55 for several days, then potentially the price is increasing and it may allow us to lock in more profits.

In other words, it is kind of simulating a trailing stoploss. September 16, 9: July 21, July 13, 3: July 14, 2: July 19, 8: May 15, 6: June 14, April 26, 8: March 27, 5: January 27, 6: December 3, 4: October 16, 9: October 16, I hardly even come to this site anymore.

As I have learned though you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink. But these back tested strategies is another story. So easy to make money back testing strategies on paper. Yet most folks who then try them in live markets lose money and how many countless hedge funds and ETF have closed and lost money based on some strategy.

October 15, 8: Did you actually read the entire post? There are 2 problems with your comment: The only way to possibly get really high returns is to take way too much risk i.

October 15, Seriously how many of these strategies that could not fail do you have to see fail before you wake up and smell the coffee.

Do you remember the Black—Scholes model that could not fail? I could write a book on failed strategies. October 15, 4: Most of those he trained are still pretty successful, and are using strategy trading methods. He has been audited and shown to have been successful with it. So Warren Buffet style value investing is not the only method to making money from the markets. October 16, 1: A few links re: October 16, 4: Here is one that was at least somewhat positive. Instead of having any type of intelligent arguments you just insult me and change my words.

I said live forward testing with real money. October 16, 5: Of course I am still anxiously awaiting to see proof of your live money RSI trading results. Somehow I doubt that will ever happen. October 16, 7: If I the entire neighborhood of variables looks good, then we have something.

I recommend that readers test this stuff themselves and look at the neighborhood. October 17, 5: Mkt, You are so dump you cannot even comprehend the statistical point I am making. I was giving examples of why taking some published strategy and back testing and back testing again or even sim forward testing does not equal live forward testing with real money.

If it did every fund and individual out there would be doing it and making amazing returns. I even provided a link where they back tested a strategy that a fund implemented in a live market and yet the back testing results looked great, but the live testing was piss poor.

October 17, 6: Yes, it had a rough patch for a few years. You can cherry pick bad periods in any strategy. October 17, 7: Mkt, Impossible to have an intelligent argument with someone that just makes up facts. You seriously cannot be this dumb. Everything else you stated are your words not mine and just pure made up nonsense. You continue to lie and BS saying you have traded this method for 8 years yet provide no proof, just excuses.

October 17, 8: October 17, When someone posts a comment that I do not agree with, I simply ignore it. Nor can it be expected. Rather than spike our blood pressure, its better to laugh at off-handed comments. October 17, 1: October 26, 4: October 18, October 18, 1: Man, you are truly the text book case of a useless troll.

October 18, 7: October 27, 9: Once again you just post nonsense: I have already explained why most folks will not be able to hold during draw downs when blindly trading an indicator.

Seriously did you not understand my post or what. Buffett can live off the dividend during down times and he understand why he bought the company.

He can go visit the company and see how it is doing. October 18, 6: Man you are right on the money. I cannot believe the nerve of Rob B stating back testing does not equal live testing.

What a moron he is. Mkt, To no surprise you have said anything about showing proof of your profitability trading the RSI strategy. You are a typical BS. You are shouting from the mountain top about the RSI holly grail strategy and it is clear you have never traded the RSI strategy profitability.

By the way I fully understand back testing and forward testing. And it is not the same as live trading with real money otherwise we all be rich.

I honestly cannot believe I am even having this conversation about a holly grail indicator. That was your first lie. Work on those areas before attempting to analyze a trading system. October 17, 4: Mkt, Just more nonsense comments by you. Nothing showing any proof or evidence of your BS claims. I have been a regular poster here from almost the beginning of this site, unlike you who just popped up out of the blue and the fact is I planned to do one post on the topic until we got into a fight, after that I have mostly been responding to your relentless nonsense.

Man responding to you is so draining. Once again you clearly missed the point. It is one thing to come up with a mathematical model, but an entirely different thing to trade it live with actual money. That was the point I was trying to make.

You clearly will never get the point. And at this point you are just being willfully stupid. I have no doubt my money would be safe. Emmett has shown that live trading has been more profitable than backtesting. If they have, they would have made at least some of the trades in the forward test. Maybe you work for an indicator Software place, who knows. Maybe you are completely delusional. What I do know is you claim to have traded the RSI for 8 years now and yet cannot show any proof of that claim.

And now you say: You are now saying the RSI was so profitable you stopped trading it. Mkt, Actually I claimed you were a BS artist based on your claims and comments and nasty response to me. I marked up a chart and will get to that in a little bit. I like most traders have traded various strategies and I talk to other traders who have traded various strategies and anyone that has actually traded strategies do not comment as you have making claims and not backing them up and essentially stating the RSI is the Holly Grail, which it is not.

October 17, 9: July 15, 3: Now that would be fun to test. Mkt, You are just being willfully stupid at this point and clearly making up alias to vote me down, as I can see when you post the votes are changed in a very short period.

You claimed to have traded the RSI for 8 years and when I called you out to show proof of your claim you just post complete nonsense. I tried being nice and show you proof that there is no Holly Grail indicator and links to sites that have not had the success you claimed trading the RSI method you talked about. First, I commend you for admitting you manipulated the votes. But the accusation you made are false, so I must correct the record: I have better things to do than manipulate the votes, otherwise I would do it now to undo what you did.

October 19, Rob B, I think the best point you brought up is the human factor during draw downs. Of course, that will depend on the level of sophistication of the trader and his or her knowledge of the strategy being traded. In the fantasytradingroom dot com, we never have drawdowns. What the hell are you smoking. You continue to miss the point. The strategy was released in and has been even more profitable than its backtest from some time in the s to , I believe. October 15, 9: I am not missing the point at all.

I understand back testing, but I also understand data mining and statistics. So let me try to explain in another way.