Redirecting Weather Station Data from ObserverIP


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You will be ready to trade and start making money soon! Once you click save, it instantly starts uploading data to wunderground. I want that data. I want to archive it on my own system. I want to be able to report off it. No way to change the server name, nothing! Everything is locked in the firmware. This method may or may not work see my note in Method 2 depending on your ObserverIP type.

This method will redirect the data right from the ObserverIP to your web server. Your web server can be on your LAN in your home or a server on the internet. Either way, I originally used this solution below, and it worked great! I found myself poking around the weewx user group, just aimlessly browsing, when I came across this question that Sergei had. I knew instantly I had my solution. No modifications are made to how the ObserverIP works.

No warranty voiding or anything like that. What you will need is a router capable of running dd-wrt. Think of it like a little Linux server running on your router. I plugged the Linksys into my primary Asus router. The Linksys becomes the middleman and does the heavy lifting to redirect the data. Since we know that the wunderground API says to use port 80 to upload sensor readings, we want to catch and redirect traffic on port 80 from the ObserverIP. Now that the traffic is coming in from Method 1 or Method 2 , we need to do something with it!

On your webserver, make a new folder at the root level called weatherstation , and create a new file called updateweatherstation. Inside that PHP file, place this as the first couple of lines:. This indicates everything is being forwarded correctly.

If you want to import this data into weewx, continue to the next section: Creating a socket for use with weewx. I had mentioned that question Sergei asked contained 2 pieces of information I needed. The first was the iptables redirect, and the second was from mwall talking about the hackulink driver. I forked a copy of that hackulink driver and created my own.

Install a socket server. To keep it simple I used ncat. I use CentOS, so yum install nmap. On Ubuntu you can run sudo apt-get install nmap to get ncat. Then connect to it using telnet to see if it works: Now we need ncat to run on startup. This tells the server that on reboot, to start ncat with the same options as above, but run it in the background.

This security method is minor, but it helps to prevent any bots out there from submitting false weather data to your archives. For more details, read the blog write up here: This is the same data that weewx will use.

Weewx is connected and listening to the socket. When it sees new data on the socket, it will grab it and parse it then submit it as a packet to the archive system. Unplug the Linksys and put it back in the box. So now that we have control of the data, you can do anything you want! I use this file to run some AJAX background updates on my weather website.

The website checks for updates to the JSON file every 10 seconds and updates the weather data. This means that the website can show the most up-to-date information without having to refresh the page! You can see that website here: So now when the Pi boots up, it opens Chrome automatically and loads the special Pi console webpage. I can have very inexpensive display consoles throughout my house, or even on my desk at work!

The Pi console webpage has 2 major changes, the first one is the obvious size constriction. So I had to cut out some details to make everything fit. This is to prevent any visitors who come to the site from eating up a lot of bandwidth. I may change that one day. I've also developed a few non-WordPress websites.

I'm a technologist at heart. I enjoy tinkering on many projects. Here on my site you will find some of the projects I've worked on. Whether it's the WordPress plugins I've made, some WordPress tips , various tech tips , or even a couple Halloween props.

I am little new at this however and have a question: So on your webserver, make a new folder at the root level called weatherstation, and create a new file called updateweatherstation. I dont have my own webserver.

I just run a wsip and a have a desktop. I as well am looking for that data though. If I dont have my own webserver am I probably out of luck with your article? Hey Jeff, sorry for the delayed response here. You could control your data still if you wanted to run a web server on your home PC. This will give you a web server Apache , PHP and a database server.

I would suggest giving your PC a static IP on your network. Thanks for the detailed post. Eventually I found the trick to find old firmware versions on the Ambient Weather web site which was also in the comments here.

Now everything is working nominally with updates to Wunderground being made and making use of the SocketLogger functionality in WeeWx. I was wondering if I might have missed a post that describe the web page you built for your Pi-based display? Hey Christopher — Glad this worked and glad socketlogger is working for you too! It would require a little bit of setup, but nothing too hard. I previously used Meteobridge to capture data from my ObserverIP, but it suffers from the same freeze-up you describe above.

Your directions are clear and easy to follow. But like any similar project avery step of the way was a learning process, from flashing dd-wrt on my router, to getting ncat to work, and installing and configuring weewx with your socketlogger driver.

Hi, just spent the weekend getting this all up and running. First off, thanks for the post and detailed instructions. They were spot on. I did come across some struggles as I was following directions and not thinking…specifically around setting up the router. You also need to ensure that your LAN Network is different. In the example and my implementation, I used I am using Ubuntu server Glad you got it working! I updated my the PHP snippet with the dateutc.

Oh now I remember. I think weewx needs the epoch, and not the format that ObserverIP sends dateutc. So I implemented this instead: I changed the code snippet above to have the epoch instead of dateutc. Great info Larry, thanks! I just added another IP from my block as yet another alias on that ethernet, and made the changes to apache.

Just wanted to get the info out there. I sent this data to my server at So you have an Ambient WS, and the Aercus firmware worked on it? I did the same thing following the posts on http: The Aercus firmware has the same Host: Are you saying that a regular.

I have the Aercus Weather Sleuth, but have been unable to get it to send data to my website www. But, I never even see the server light come back on after updating the destination server and doing a reboot of the device.

Since the latter seems to be a bit hard I thought some extra code would work. To be honest, what you put looks close, but I think it should be below. Might need to do a type conversion first. You could try this. Telnetting and watching for data to come in will tell the story. You can manually create the wunderground URL submission yourself with the adjusted outTemp value.

That way wunderground will be in sync. Thanks for your help. Tailor the output to your needs for Cumulus to read it. We are linking to this particularly great article on our website. Keep up the good writing. Thanks for the write up.

I have a more fundamental question. Why not allow the data to be posted to Weather Underground? Did you not want it published? I figure I want the data publish all my local weather first.

It talks to the API and displays the weather data locally on a small screen. This way all my data still goes to WU and I can retrieve it as well without a lot of hassle with my network. Just a second idea to try. Sure, I could scrape Wunderground for this data, but why? I already have it in this script as virtual data… submitting to weewx and updating my website is only milliseconds away, and saves me from having to scrape wunderground.

Doing it this way allows my website to have unlimited background updates everytime the station checks in. I like your micro screen, I may look into doing something like that too with my own JSON file and get live updates every time the station checks in! Just came across this page, looks very useful, thanks! Hi Pat, Have you considered making the code that generates your website public? Hey Steve, are you referring to my https: Well, Ambient has updated the firmware to 4.

I think Aercus has picked up the latest stuff from Ambient. You could probably downgrade back? The newer firmware seems! Ah yeah the memory leaks are a problem I have. I may upgrade to 3. I had a look, it seems to be an ASIX module and the address for update is clearly written on the binary. Is there a checksum to modify also? I have a Observer IP Mhz version. Tried your way and can see the data passing through the port; only thing left is to make my installed weewx on ubuntu running on an Android TV stick, MK accept the data and display it correctly.

My question is, is there any way to steal or fork data being sent to wunderground by ObserverIP to my server? The reason I ask for this because I do not want my wunderground update relying on my tiny server; the ObserverIP is reliable enough for me; just want to get data to my Weewx for private use.

I copied the socketlogger. Stop and restart weewx. I still see data coming thru port ; Wunderground still get updated, but my local weewx webpage and my pwsweather station do not get updated. Not sure what I did wrong. FYI, apache, php, weewx are all in the same server. I did not change 2 things in the weewx. If setdsthn is broken, another method to do this is to lie to the observer what the DNS IP is for wunderground.

Since I run my own internal DNS servers at home, this is relatively easy, but I understand it can be confusing and not as ideal as what you have done. I updated to 4.