Defending champion Garcia needs to lift her level to stop Sabalenka


/trading full time on Betfair /Stocks and forex markets. I also run a website ( All my strategies are very different from traditional betting techniques. I come from the school of thought that you have to try unique angle Betfair, you will need to know the stake which you will get from spreadsheet.

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Compression Points: Betfair Tennis Trading Strategies

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One way of doing this would be to take some liability out at a scoreline such as or , and definitely Several approaches can be considered here: This has a more pronounced effect in ATP matches due to the men holding serve more hence a break is a rarer commodity but still has a strong influence in WTA matches. At this point, unless the player who is a break up was a fairly strong underdog to win the match before it started, the player a break up will be trading odds-on 1.

Laying players at 1. The way I feel is best to assess whether the player a break up can be laid is to see the break lead defence and break recovery stats which I compile monthly.

In this match-up, the following 12 month break-back stats apply: Li gave up a break lead slightly more, but compensated that by recovering more break deficits. By this I mean that I will look at keeping my position until either the player a break up gets broken I can then hedge for profit or the end of the set is reached I can then hedge for a loss.

She won in straight sets. She had 16 break points on the Muguruza serve and converted 4 of them. Sabalenka only faced 7 break points and was broken twice. Back Sabalenka above 1. Sloane Stephens leads their previous matches The last time they met was at the US Open last season. Stephens won in 3 sets on her way to taking her first grand slam title.

All their matches have been on hard courts. Better overall results for Stephens this season. The video below was originally created for another blog post as it applies to so many different markets. You can see at 3. This is because I want to offer a bet in the market at a point where I may be matched by someone else giving away value.

Fortunately it got matched, leaving a big enough gap in the market to provide me the opportunity to exit for a profit. For a worst-case loss of 1 tick I managed to gain 3. If only all tennis trading strategies were risk free! This one really is. Give it a go! Hopefully this insight will have given you a first starting point to build up a list of tennis trading strategies. As with all trading on Betfair, knowledge is key.

Putting one or two reasons for a trade together often result in positive results. Ensuring you test each strategy over a large enough sample, and keeping to the plan is important. The more information on offer, the easier things become! But be aware; each situation and tournament is different. Different surfaces, players, locations and even crowds can make a difference to a match.

Stick to a regular staking plan to avoid unnecessary highs and lows! Also, do we look for matches where they are fairly equally matched at the start, indicated by the close odds pre-game? Does this not work as well where there is a heavy favourite pre-game? I think its more like I find it less interesting…. But horse racing markets are more frantic and exciting.

Out of interest, what price did you think Back should be at that point? Is that a factor in your decision making? The only advice I can give is make sure you are using another exchange with enough money to lay of your bet and try to stick to backing not laying.

Also made me think how much money people lost and who ended up with it all?? Nice way for them to boost the bank and nothing anyone can do….. It very rarely happens where I have been caught but usually its straight on the phone and if not to hedge on betdaq. Problem with this match is that S Sanders completely blitzed Reix right out of the 2nd set after winning the first set , so the price dipped even further. However it seemed to work nicely in those two matches where the 1st set winner won ideal because the match is mixed and up for grabs and What do you think?

Thanks for this post it is extremely informative. I like the points made at 2 as it confirmed my thinking about the various tennis trading strategies on Betfair.

Thanks ever so much. Your free content is brilliant keep up the good work! Just stumbled upon the concept of Sports Trading and came across your YT and this site. Trying to follow your videos and that as well as the Geek Toys Software you use. Would love if you or someone else could help me out reading the numbers to see where this comes from? If you take a look at the profit and loss column.

You can see the diference in values in line with the potential prices.